The All New

Warranty Hero 2

Five Highlights

  1. Track Warranty

    On every product you see the remaining warranty live updated as a natural language string. Over time we made this algorithm so fast, that we refresh every product within 60 seconds and you won't notice a hit in performance.

  2. Attach All Documents

    Everything in one place. When you need it. The document view looks simple and elegant but is really smart and powerful under the hood. Drag in PDFs or images and they will be attached to your product. In addition, the document view senses Tethering Hero and automatically becomes the tethering target when it is selected. This is a really convenient way to "scan" for example the receipt and push it in over the air.

  3. Get reminded

    Always know. Just check remind me when creating or editing a product and a alarm will be created. By default remind me triggers an alarm at 12 o'clock mid day on the last day of warranty. You specify additional reminders within the preferences.

  4. Save money

    Get a replacement. Time and feel of time are very different. Now you know clearly if a product is expired or within its coverage phase. Instead of spending money on a replacement product, check your Warranty Hero first and save some money.

  5. Works with Tethering Hero

    Amazing interoperability for free. We have build a really cool iOS app for you.
    For Warranty Hero 2 this means you can use the camera of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to take and push images over the air directly into Warranty Hero 2. This will be incredible useful for you when you create a newly purchased product and want to snap a cover photo or attach a picture of the receipt to it.

Even More

CSV Import and Export

Use this functionality to get a kick start or regular import new products.

Custom fields

To avoid a overblown user interface, we gave you custom fields.


Create as much categories as you need.

Lifetime warranty

What about this knife set from teleshopping? You can set lifetime warranty with a simple checkbox.

PDF export

This is a good way to have a quick reference summary stored offside for later access.


Super fluid animations where it makes sense and polish give you the best experience possible.

Need Help?

We are here to help you. Just contact our support.


Use CSV export to get your data and move on.

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