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Best in class Review

The unique and elegant implementation of the important review process in Daymate helps you to stay on top and maximize your thrust in the actuality of your data.

Turn on the weekly review and once a week a you notice a very subtle change happens. The project count get replaced by glasses. This means that you need to look at those projects and validate their contents.

Select the first project (probably your inbox) and look at each action. If its done check it off, move it to another project if it belongs to that, rename it if the purpose of this action is unclear and add missing actions that come to mind.

Tap Approve when you're ready.
Daymate marks the project reviewed and auto-selects the next reviewable project.

We think this grants us the right to state it best in class review.

Learn how to do good weekly reviews

Syncs with Dropbox

Daymate comes with advanced Dropbox syncing to make your data available on all your devices.
We engineered a robust syncing system that we call roundtrip syncing. Here is one roundtrip:

  1. Downloads from your Dropbox.
  2. Merges into your local database.
  3. Result is uploaded to your Dropbox.

We tested and optimized roundtrip syncing over one year with great success. During this engineering phase we put lots of intelligence into the merging step. When you use Daymate you will notice that you will never see a question which bits of your data are most current. Daymate figures it out and it will just work like you expect.


Create and assign tags to actions to group them and maintain their project structure. Switch to tag mode to see all calls you have to make or actions you have tagged important. Subdivide project by actions as required.

Tags within the Action Editor

Tags are beautifully presented in blue within the action editor. To add or remove tags simply tap on them.

Searching and creating tags with the tag picker

The tag picker comes up and you can instantly toggle the containment of your existing tags.

To create new tags type the tag name into the search field and tap on create tag.

Viewing actions by tag

Daymate has a mode switcher in the top center. You can switch between projects and tags mode. You also notice Daymate's toolbar is presented in blue when project mode is active and purple when tag mode is the current mode. This color differentiation gives a very quick impression about which mode is active.

In tag mode, the top right plus button serves you to create new tags instead of projects.

When you create actions within a tag, these action are automatically assigned to your inbox project in addition to the active tag.

Forecast & Due dates

We thought intensely about dates and how Daymate can assist you with important data at the right time.

Projects with due dates have a subtle blue batch on top displaying the current date information.

Daymate's implementation of due dates has the most even and logical mental pressure curve.

  • Due in October
  • Due in 30 Days
  • Due tomorrow
  • Due today
  • Due since yesterday
  • Due since 2 days
  • Due since October

When the target date is over 31 days away, Daymate displays the target month. After that, when the last 30 days have began, the informative text displays the remaining days. This slowly and carefully increases the mental pressure on you by showing you precisely how much time is left to get the project done.

Look at the pressure curves of the other Applications. They ignore the due date completely until a certain threshold is reached, probably three days before the project is due. Most then go over and show you the number 3 in a warning signal color. After the project has become due, some apps send you a push notification, basically informing you that now its to late.

We think you are smart and probably have a rough idea of your due dates and projects that need to be done. All you may need is continuous state information to keep you on course, steering towards completing the respective project on or before time.

List types for projects and tags

For different needs we have implemented three list types you can choose from.


Displays all actions equally weighted black.


Emphasis the next action black and dims the remaining actions.


Strongly emphasis the next action and dims the remaining actions.



Daymate is integrated with TextExpander by Smile Software. This integration enables you to type short abbreviations and have them expanded into frequently-used text snippets.

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