The Forecast-project, new in Daymate 1.4

With the recent introduction of due dates and badge control a vacuum was created. For three due actions you would see the number 3 on the Daymate icon but once launched you had to know where those actions are or search them.

Update 1.4 was specially designed to fill this void with the forecast project. It is a special kind of project (somewhat like the inbox) that collects all actions with due dates in one central easy to access place. For an easy view, actions here are separated in three groups: Due, Soon and Future. Within each group actions are sorted by due date to position the most urgent actions at the top.

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Posted by Christian on April 1st, 2014

Using TextExpander with Daymate for status logs

With Daymate for iOS update 1.3.1 the ability to insert line brakes is now also available for action notes. This is really useful if you want to add some bullet points to an action like this:

Prepare eBay auction of iPod touch
- condition
- purchase date and receipt

And, together with TextExpander Touch you can quickly add status status updates like this:

Prepare eBay auction of iPod touch
19.02.14: Did setup auction, runs for 7 days.(End time 19:00)
- condition
- purchase date and receipt

I use a TextExpander snipped to quickly create the update line with the date, this snippet also places the cursor right after the date. With the snipped installed you type “.upd” and it gets expander to

Adding the update snippet to TextExpander

Copy this link -> Productivity_1.0.textexpander

With TextExpander Touch do this:

Screenshots of TextExpander Touch showing how to add a new snippet group by URL. Select groups and tap the plus, than paste in the URL of the snipped group you have copied.

With TextExpander for Mac do this:
TextExpander Mac - Add snippet group from URL

Please note that you manually need to synchronize snippets after adding it. You can read more about snippet syncing here How does Daymate sync TextExpander snippets

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Posted by Christian on February 19th, 2014

Daymate 1.3 adds Due dates, Badge Control and a new date picker

Since the release of Daymate we got lots of feedback regarding due dates for actions. Thats why i’m specially happy that today we make available Daymate 1.3 which we branched out a few months ago so we could deliver a nice package that greatly improves your productivity.

Actions can have due dates

It works like with projects, tap on an action than tap on due date. Pick a date and you have it set. If an action has a due date you also see an inline forecast like projects have it. This is very helpful to stay on course.

New Date Picker

To better assist you when choosing a due date we made a complete new date picker.
Image of the new date picker in daymate 1.3

Badge Control

Now Daymate can display a number on the App icon and with Badge Control you decide if due actions should be shown, if due soon actions also count and what exactly *soon* means.

We could also significantly improve performance on iPads and overall stability.

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Posted by Christian on January 14th, 2014

Daymate 1.2 updated for TextExpander

Our friends at Smile Software found themselves in the position where they could no longer use a shared reminder to automatically synchronize TextExpander snippets with apps like Daymate. If you are interested in the reasoning behind the changes in TextExpander visit the Smile Blog.

Daymate 1.2 contains among other things the necessary changes to work with the new technique of snippet synchronization. Unfortunately one side effect is that snippet synchronization must be triggered manually from time to time thus no longer happening automatically. We prepared a support article that describes the changes and how to trigger a synchronization.

Other than that, Daymate 1.2 also adds the Spanish localization and improves the energy footprint.

Daymate for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

Posted by Christian on December 10th, 2013

New intelligent insertion options in Daymate 1.1

We added new powerful options in Daymate 1.1 that allow you to take control where actions are inserted. Previously and by default actions are inserted at the top of a project. To customize this go to Settings > Behavior.

Screenshot of new behavior settings in Daymate

While top and bottom insertion is obvious, i want to talk about the intelligent option a little bit. It works like this:
You select a project and tap to add a new action. This action will be inserted at the top. After you tap to dismiss the action editor, you have a certain time threshold to append an action. If you are within this threshold the action is inserted after or below the previously created action. If you wait to long and the threshold is passed, the next action you create will be inserted again at the top and the intelligence mechanism starts from the beginning. Selecting a different project also resets the intelligence mechanism.

This option is fantastic when you have big ongoing projects like me. As the project goes on, new actions occur that are more urgent and belong more towards the top. Intelligent insertion enables you to have the best of both worlds. Insertion at the top and maintained order for chained actions.

So grab your iPhone or iPad go to Daymate Settings > Behavior and check out these new options.
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Posted by Christian on November 11th, 2013

Daymate 1.0 – Real artists ship

We are proud to share the result from over a year of work and refinement with you. The first version of Daymate. We think it’s an amazing release that truly improves your productivity.
For now, we wanted to follow the famous quote from Steve Jobs «Real artists ship» and get Daymate in customers hands. But this is just the beginning, the core of Daymate. Over the coming months and years we work on extraordinary functionality that we can’t wait to ship.

To produce this exceptional results, we take a long time to engineer and iterate over and over again until our desire for quality and user experience is satisfied so that we can integrate a new feature into Daymate and ship it to customers. When we did our job correctly, using Daymate is so natural that it just fades into the background when you use it and you are productive.

Our mission statement for Daymate is clear and simple. The greatest of all time.

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Posted by Christian on October 17th, 2013