Productivity boosted with x-callback-url, Today and sharing extension

There are always multiple things in development and Daymate 1.6 marks a point in time where some nice features come together.

Today extension

The new today extension provides a quick overview of due actions when you pull down notification center. Completed actions can be checked off, you can start the review process or begin creating an inbox action that comes to mind.

Sharing extension

The new sharing extension allows the creation of action from within apps like Safari. The current url is automatically added as note.

Support for x-callback-url

You can build URLĀ“s to create new actions, set all their properties and assign them to the right project with one step. Creating new project and including a comma separated list of actions to fill it up is a really nice time saver.
Visit the Daymate x-callback-url documentation to learn about the details and what else you can do with it.

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